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Visa Applications

The Australian High Commission requires that your application is lodged on the eVisa system at least 12 weeks prior to the orientation date at your institution. You will need to provide your counsellor with the following documents for your visa application:


  1. Visa application form
  2. Visa application fee
  3. 4 passport size photographs
  4. Valid Passport
  5. Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment.
  6. IELTS score sheet
  7. Academic and work experience documents
  8. Statement of purpose
  9. Evidence of financial ability (tuition fees, living expenses, expenses for dependants, return airfare)


* For detailed visa application checklist, please speak to your counsellor.


On lodging of your eVisa application, your counsellor will download the medical forms. You will need to undergo medical examination by a doctor on the DIAC panel.

Your eVisa application will be allocated a unique Transaction Reference Number (TRN).


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Visa application

Visa processing with professional help from visa counsellors


Briefing on what to expect during your stay in Australia.